Freeze in Sight Test Fees (15-16)

ONI has received a letter from the DHSSPS stating that the anticipated 1% increase in sight-test fee, domiciliary visiting fee and training and education allowances granted in England for 15-16 will NOT be replicated in Northern Ireland and our fees will be instead be frozen for that year.


This decision is obviously hugely disappointing for us but I would like to assure our members that ONI have written to the Minister expressing our anger at the decision, and seeking a course of action which will restore parity with our colleagues in England.


Following the recent announcement by the Department of Health in England that sight-test fees in England will be frozen for 16-17, we have already spoken to DHSSPS representatives at Stormont with a view to achieving an increase in fees for 16-17, which will realign us with the fee structure in England.