Closing Date for NIPEARS (Belfast and Western LCGs) Application Friday 5 January

NI PEARS – For Attention of Optometric Contractors in Belfast and the Western LCGs

The HSCB has secured funding to provide MECS training and assessment through the Ulster University to enable optometrists in the Belfast and Western LCGs to become accredited to provide NI PEARS (formerly known as SPEARS). If you submitted an expression of interest form for NI PEARS for your practice optometrists in your practice, probably including yourself, will have received emailed information in December, including an application form, for the MECS training and assessment programme to enable accreditation for NI PEARS.

This is to remind you that the application form to participate in the MECS training programme must be submitted to the Ulster University by this Friday 5th January. Please bring this to the attention of all optometrists in your practice.

If an optometrist already holds MECS 1 & 2 or is IP qualified they do not need to undertake the training and will not have received the email communication. They will receive further communication about sign up for the service in due course.

If any practitioners have any queries please contact Fiona North, HSCB optometric adviser, at

Note: this only applies to practitioners in the Belfast and Western LCG areas.